We know you will love the results of your tan, however, the quality and longevity of your tan greatly depends on how well you prepare you skin, and how well you care for your tan afterwards. Please review these instructions and FAQ carefully to get the best results possible! 

I have an event. When should I book my appointment?
Your tanning session should be booked at least one day prior to any event to allow time for your tan to fully develop. Ideally 1-2 days is best. Although in a pinch, for a last-minute pop of color, with the use of our express tan, is it achievable to receive the tan the day of your event.

**Please keep in mind you will need to allow enough time (2-5 hours) to rinse your tan prior to your event, and your full color will not be fully developed for up to 24 hours.

This is my first time at your studio. Should I get a trial?
I suggest a practice run before any big event, if you are a first time tanner or new to the salon. Everyone's skin reacts differently. It might take a couple of tans before you get exactly the shade you are looking for. I prefer to caution on the lighter side, than for it to be too dark. You can always go darker, but unfortunately if its too dark , you will not be able to lighten quickly.

When should I book in coordination with any other beauty appointments?
Any other beauty appointments (waxing, pedicures, hair) should be done BEFORE your tanning session or after rinsing. Keep in mind you will not be able to get wet until that first rinse, which is the case with many other services you may be scheduling (manicures, pedicures, facials, hair appointments, etc.) Waxing CANNOT be done at any time after your tanning session or it will completely remove the tan in that area. 

How do I prepare for my sunless tanning session?
​Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. To prepare for your tan it is best to really exfoliate (scrub) your skin THE DAY BEFORE your appointment. Don't just wash, but actually SCRUB your skin thoroughly. I cannot stress this enough. This removes loose, dead skin cells and will IMPROVE AND EXTEND your tanning results. Very important for a long lasting, natural fading tan (The NUDA exfoliating mitt is strongly recommended which can be purchased here - see our Instagram highlights for a demo!).

Do not shave (particularly your legs) the day of your tan. Not only can this cause a "freckle" effect (depositing more into your newly opens pores), but any remaining shaving product residue can affect the absorption of your tan. If you must shave, be sure to thoroughly wash your legs after as to not leave any remaining residue. 

The day of your tan, come with clean fresh skin with no deodorant, moisturizers or face makeup (foundation). Eye/lip makeup is fine. 

No bars of soap or oils/oil base products prior to your tan. They may leave a barrier/residue on your skin preventing the absorption of your tan.

It is best to NOT shower directly before your tan appointment as to allow your skin to stabilize after your shower. Ideally you should shower several hours before your appointment to allow time for your pores to close up to avoid any "freckle" effect (the night before is fine).

What do I wear during my tanning session?
Loose, dark clothing is stressed for after your session (no tights or sports bras). Whatever you wear during your tan are the tan lines you will be left with (Eg. Bathing suit, bra and panties, panties only, nude). Keep in mind, you will be advised to stand if different poses. Please wear something you are comfortable moving in. Disposable thong panties, hairnets, disposable breast cover pasties and strapless sticky thong panties are available if needed.​ (see photos)

Are there any special instructions for after my tanning session? 
You CANNOT GET WET or sweat after your tanning session for 2-5 hours depending on which tan is chosen with you. For your first shower (2-5 hours after tan) you will need to do a nice thorough rinse with warm water to only. NO SCRUBBING, NO BODY WASH. It will seem as though a lot of the tan is washing off, but don't worry, the tan is still processing for approximately 24 hours after the application. Pat dry. Moisturize. ​

Also avoid any skin-to-skin contact. Between legs, under arms, under breasts, etc. Be sure to keep a barrier/cloth in those areas to prevent any stick-together feeling. (Tuck your shirt or skirt in those areas, or tissue if needed.)

How do I maintain my sunless tan?
With any sunless tan or self tanners, it is really important to use the proper soap. Ideally one made for sunless tanning (which is of course available for purchase), but especially sulfate free (SLS). DO NOT USE DOVE SOAP. Even though it is noted as "sulfate-free", it is NOT compatible with your tan.

**If your tan fades quickly and/or unevenly, or gets very blotchy it is almost always due to the wrong soap.
Moisturize daily, especially after bathing. This will help extend your tan, and help for an even fade.

Try NOT to rub/scrub the skin especially when showering/bathing. Always PAT dry.

To protect your tan during swimming/hot tubs a good waterproof sunblock is recommended.

Tan building moisturizers, or self-tanning lotions should be used to help extend and enhance your tan.

***The more you wash your skin the quicker it will fade.*** Try to minimize bathing/swimming/showering if at all possible.DO NOT use bars of soap or "Intuition" razors for shaving (which have the soap strip attached). This will also strip that tan, and cause a dry, flakey look. There is a great shave cream available for purchase, which is not only great to use with your tan, but also for everyday use!

***In this store you will find a selection of retail products to extend, enhance and protect your tan (body wash, exfoliating mitts, daily moisturizer, tan extenders, cosmetics, etc). All products mentioned and everything needed to prepare for, and maintain your tan are available for purchase. To achieve your best tan please see what we have to offer! ***