River Organics - Rose Quartz Highlighter Stick

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The Rose-Quartz Highlighter gives skin a refreshed a dewy look with its light reflective qualities. Your skin will look refreshed and hydrated with this creamy easy to use product. HOW TO USE: Push up gently from the bottom and apply directly to brow bones, high cheek bones, cupid's bow and bridge of nose. Keep at a low level to easily put cap back on. If too much product is pushed out, simply tap the base on a hard surface and it will slide back down. - 100% Vegan - Certified Cruelty Free - Eco-Friendly Packaging - Conflict-free, Lab-Made Mica Net Weight .50 oz, 14 g INGREDIENTS: *Shea Butter, *Cocoa Seed Butter, Candelilla Wax, *Grape Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Conflict-free Mica. *Certified Organic