REVITAL TRAX - Ultra Rich Body Wash

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Turn any bath or shower into a spa experience with the new Ultra Rich Body Wash. This body wash pampers the senses with fresh delicate scents and works wonders for the skin. It is a luxurious moisturizing wash with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil that cleans, softens and calms all skin types. The blend of vitamins, natural oils and other nourishing ingredients breathes new life into the skin and makes it look more radiant. This wash is a must-have for the bath or shower! Deep hydrating body wash for all skin types. Cleanses and refreshes the skin. Soothes the skin. Provides a radiant and softer skin. Anti-aging effect. Fresh delicate fragrance. Must-have for bath or shower. Intensive care for all skin types. Long-lasting hydration. Protects against dehydration. Provides softer, smoother and soothed skin. Supports the elasticity of the skin. Anti-aging effect. Warm aromatic fragrance.